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Supporting our First Responders On the Front Lines [Free Resource]

Posted by Public Safety Group on 4/7/20 3:00 PM


The Public Safety Group, in partnership with Kognito, is pleased to offer First Responder Support & Resilience free of charge to first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.

During these unprecedented times, we are eager to find ways to support the first responders who are on the front lines responding to those infected with the coronavirus. This unique learning experience is centered on interactive simulations that enable students and experienced professionals to practice having difficult conversations about pyschological distress and other common stressors in a safe environment. 

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In each of the five interactive and simulated role-play conversations in the First Responder Support & Resilience course, you will:

  • Kognito_CollageSpeak with fully animated and emotionally responsive virtual peers.

  • Learn how to approach checking in with peers you’re concerned about, demonstrate compassion, help them problem-solve, and if necessary, connect them to additional help.

  • Get pointers along the way and, at the end, you’ll have the chance to review how you did and reflect on how you might have handled things differently.


Let’s face it, these types of conversations are never easy. As with most high-intensity, low-frequency events, the time that we take to practice and train for these difficult situations allows us to be ready when it really counts. First Responder Support & Resilience allows you to practice and learn from these conversations in a safe environment. So, if one of your colleagues is struggling with psychological distress, substance abuse, relationship problems, or other common stressors, you’ll know what to say.

Questions? Please contact your dedicated Public Safety Specialist today. 

*Source: Ruderman Family Foundation



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