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An Announcement from Jones & Bartlett Learning

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 9/15/15 12:25 PM



Jones & Bartlett Learning (JB Learning) has joined forces with Fisdap, a software company that builds educational tools for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The alignment of JB Learning and Fisdap brings together two organizations working to achieve excellence in EMS education and the highest quality patient care.

Fisdap’s objective is to improve the training experience by providing tools to help with record keeping, accreditation, certification testing, managing internship schedules, and tracking student activities. They offer a range of products, from Scheduler and Skills Tracker to valid and reliable Entrance, Unit, and Comprehensive Exams, all designed to improve EMS training programs and students’ training experiences.

JB Learning’s Public Safety Group is committed to enriching the educational experience of today’s EMS and fire educators, students, and professionals. Their educational programs and services improve learning outcomes and enhance student achievement by combining authoritative content with proven and engaging technology that meets the diverse needs of initial and continuing education.

The combination of JB Learning and Fisdap enhances the educational process for EMS students and professionals by fully integrating gold standard teaching and learning curricula with tools to schedule and track students’ field and clinical experiences and valid, reliable, and predictive exams for EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics from a single source. JB Learning digital curriculum solutions powered by Fisdap will predict success on certification exams and produce a better EMS professional.

“This perfectly positions our organizations to meet the needs of the EMS community now and into the future,” said Kimberly Brophy, Vice President, Executive Publisher at JB Learning. “We look forward to collaborating with Fisdap on the development of new tools and services to support the changing EMS landscape.”

"We see tremendous opportunities to expand the scope of the Fisdap community's mission and our focus on research by working with JB Learning,” said Michael Johnson, CEO of Fisdap. “By offering the option to integrate JB Learning's rich library of content and learning tools with Fisdap's experience tracking, evaluations, and exams, we will move toward a more complete learning environment for EMS and public safety."

About Jones & Bartlett Learning

Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, a division of Ascend Learning, LLC, is a world-leading provider of instructional, assessment, and learning-performance management solutions for the secondary, post-secondary, and professional markets. Across a broad spectrum of fields ranging from health care and emergency services to computer information systems, our educational technology applications and instructional assessment and performance-management solutions are revolutionizing how instructors teach and how students and professionals learn. With the most up-to-date, authoritative content available from academia and industry thought-leaders, Jones & Bartlett Learning is leading the way for educators, students, and professionals to discover new educational and professional skill-development opportunities to enable personalized learning— anytime, anywhere.

For more information on Jones & Bartlett Learning, visit

About Fisdap

Fisdap is the leader in online tools for EMS education, offering a suite of software resources to help EMS educators manage student internship schedules, document student experiential learning, administer secure exams, and maintain program accreditation. By fostering a culture of standards-based education, Fisdap brings the EMS community together to create innovative solutions for teaching and learning.

Facilitating EMS research is one of Fisdap’s most important objectives and we are proud to be a leader in EMS educational research. Over the years, the information and data that students enter into the Fisdap database has supported dozens of research projects—many of which have won awards and national recognition. We’re also building the EMS Reference, an online collection of peer-reviewed content, created by and for the EMS community.

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