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Student Focus Group Indicates that Navigate 2 Improves Student Learning

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 4/27/15 1:40 PM

blog1This winter, Jones & Bartlett Learning conducted a focus group with students in a Fire Officer course on our Navigate 2 platform. Navigate 2 combines interactive content with student practice activities and assessments. The technology and content of Navigate 2 is designed to expand the reach of the classroom. Navigate 2 classes can be taught online, in the classroom, or as a hybrid of both.

About 23 students participated in the recent focus group and almost all students reported that Navigate 2 helped them study and prepare for exams more efficiently. 




Navigate 2 offers students a variety of resources including mobile-friendly course materials, an interactive eBook, and student practice activities and assessments. Through these resources, students found that Navigate 2 was easy to use and well organized.




Student Voices

I liked the activities that were presented [in Navigate 2.]”

“Navigate 2 has many features, which will enable the student to apply concepts, principles, etc.

“Once familiar with [Navigate 2], it kept me on track to what needed to be done and when.”

"[Navigate 2] is well organized, has a good progressive learning flow to it, and does well to prepare the student for the classroom. I'm impressed with the interactive activities and ability to upload supportive material for enhanced learning."

The calendar in [Navigate 2] was useful to prepare my time management. As an adult, I'm used to sitting in a classroom and having the one on one experience with an instructor. With this system I found a very useful friend to use once I understood how to. The new firefighters coming out of high school or college will love this system.”

 “[Navigate 2] helped schedule timelines, had a good flow to it, and prepared me for upcoming classroom activities.”

[Navigate 2] prepared me for the work assignments thru each chapter. I was far more prepared to by the time the class session began.

An additional finding of this research was that those who spent the most time in Navigate 2 were also the ones to be most satisfied with the product.



More research is needed to fully understand the impact Navigate 2 has on students’ learning experiences, but initial information demonstrates a user friendly system that helps students learn and retain information.

Are you interested in contributing to this research? Contact your Public Safety Specialist to learn how you can trial and/or adopt Navigate 2 for your course today!


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