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Remote Learning in EMS: Video Recordings

Posted by Public Safety Group on 4/14/21 6:17 PM

Flipped eBook #2

In this series, we’ll share some practical tools, creative solutions, and best practices for bringing the Flipped Classroom model to life for students in a remote learning environment. In Part Two, we'll explore all the ways video recordings can be utilized.

While there is no comparable replacement for in person learning, the PSG Flipped Classroom model is both feasible and effective when appropriately adapted to meet distance learning circumstances. On the one hand, half the effort it takes to flip your classroom, specifically the independent study portion, is immediately covered by Flipped Classroom’s tools and resources. On the other hand, half of the curriculum is predicated on practical learning and application of knowledge, which demands more creative thinking and planning when opportunities for in-person activities are relatively limited.


Recorded lectures done right.

A common tactic used in distance learning are instructor-led self-recorded lectures for students to watch on their own time. Most video conferencing platforms offer the ability to record virtual class meetings with the click of a button. Recordings can be hosted online, and the hosting URL can be set up as a link within Navigate for easy access. Public Safety Group Flipped Classroom Interactive Lecture modules can also help fill this need effectively.

While recorded lectures are certainly an option, they tend to be less effective than in-person presentations, as students are more easily distracted outside of a formal setting and lose the benefit of being able to ask clarifying questions in an interactive forum. To help overcome these challenges, you should consider the approach of recording microlectures of bitesize 3-5 minute presentations to help explain and add color to challenging or complex concepts. Leveraging anecdotes or personal experiences to demonstrate key points will also help to better engage the students and make the subject matter more palatable.

Overall, students are more likely to retain information presented in smaller, focused doses, and within a context in which they can relate to or understand, than they would in one long recorded lecture.


Video recordings are also a fantastic tool for evaluating student performance in hands on, skill-based activities, and they help to drive practice and perfection. For example, by requiring students to record Patient Assessments or Interviews on a family member or stuffed animal, the students will inevitably strive to capture their best example and thus learn and reinforce all steps correctly.

Recordings should be used as assignment submissions and provide opportunities for coaching, honing skills, and evidentiary benchmarks of growth or success.

Instructors can require the student to submit a recording of a demonstrated skill, which the student may post to a privately shared YouTube channel, submit via preset Navigate assignments, or send to a Google Drive or Drop Box location. You can then review submissions and provide actionable feedback, referencing timestamps and review the recording together with the student later for self-assessment and coaching.

In addition, recordings give both students and you flexibility in when the activities can be performed. No instructor can be omnipresent in a virtual learning environment that requires team-based student activities, and having the option to review a recording at your leisure will help ensure that the class stays on track and that each student’s performance is receiving the attention it needs.


Many instructors are dubious as to how a Flipped Classroom can be taught using remote learning, but many of your peers are making it work now, and they’re making it work well! While it might not completely match the experience of 100% in-person, the Flipped Classroom model can be effective when teaching remotely with the right combination of tools and best practices.

If you’re already using Flipped Classroom, contact your Public Safety Group Account Manager to discover how some of the activities in Flipped Classroom can be adapted for a remote learning environment. If you’re not using Flipped Classroom, but want to learn more about it, you can either contact your PSG representative or request a demo for either EMT or Paramedic Flipped Classroom.

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