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Look Inside: Prehospital Trauma Life Support for First Responders, Ninth Edition

Posted by Public Safety Group on 4/29/20 1:08 PM

The Ninth Edition of Prehospital Trauma Life Support for First Responders is available now! Check out an exclusive sneak peek.

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National First Responders Day 2019

Posted by Public Safety Group on 10/24/19 1:55 PM

If there’s anyone out there who truly deserves a national day of recognition and appreciation, we’d say it’s first responders.


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Beyond Socializing: Using the Power of Social Media to Improve Public Safety

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 5/8/15 3:32 PM

Social media usage and engagement is rapidly increasing. This information is likely not surprising if you are reading this article after clicking on a link from our Facebook post or tweet! According to a Pew Research Center analysis on American adults who use the internet:

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Student Focus Group Indicates that Navigate 2 Improves Student Learning

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 4/27/15 1:40 PM

This winter, Jones & Bartlett Learning conducted a focus group with students in a Fire Officer course on our Navigate 2 platform. Navigate 2 combines interactive content with student practice activities and assessments. The technology and content of Navigate 2 is designed to expand the reach of the classroom. Navigate 2 classes can be taught online, in the classroom, or as a hybrid of both.

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Intersistemas to Serve as the Exclusive Distributor of Spanish-Language Emergency Medical Services Training Materials for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 4/23/15 1:55 PM

Burlington, MA – April 23, 2015: Jones & Bartlett Learning (JBLearning) is pleased to announce that its publishing partner in Latin America, Intersistemas will serve as the exclusive distributor for all NAEMT education course materials published by Jones & Bartlett Learning. This new arrangement will meet the growing demand for Spanish-language training materials for emergency medical responders.

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Drones: How New Technology is Helping Fire Fighters

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 4/14/15 11:52 AM

As wildfires increase in frequency and intensity, fire fighters are utilizing all available technology to combat these dangerous infernos and keep their crews safe.

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Topics: Safety, technology, drones, Fire, First Responder, response

Student Focus Group Concludes Navigate 2 with Interactive eBook Will Improve Learning

Posted by Katie Hennessy on 2/13/15 4:14 PM

Last fall, we conducted a focus group with students at Glendale Community College on Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Fundamentals of Microbiology, Tenth Edition, based on the classic undergraduate microbiology text by Jeffrey C. Pommerville. During the focus group, students received a product demonstration of Navigate 2 Advantage Access, including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, assessments, and practice activities. After the demonstration, students completed a survey on their initial reactions, carried out a set of tasks, and provided their feedback on the Navigate 2 user experience as a whole from the student perspective. Read the complete case study now.

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A Successful APLS Rollout in Mexico

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 10/10/14 4:15 PM

Dr. Eduardo Sanchez Velasco, a renowned Mexican pediatrician recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recently organized the first rollout of APLS: Medicina de emergencias pediátricas, quinta edicion to 21 training instructors and course directors in Mexico, in accordance with the Sociedad Mexicana de Pediatría (SMPs). The event was supported by the Mexican Council of Pediatric Certification, with two points in the specialty recertification (Mexican pediatricians should cover 20 points per year). The training sessions took place over three days with the President and Vice President of the SMP and Drs. Manuel Correa Flores and Jose Luis Pinacho in attendance.

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National Preparedness Month: Start Your Emergency Planning Today

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 9/19/14 2:24 PM

September is National Preparedness Month, and with it comes the reminder to plan ahead for the chance of hazards and disasters in our everyday lives. Although these occurrences are unlikely for many of us, it is important to prepare for emergencies that can affect our families, homes, and communities.

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Discover Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH)

Posted by Jessica Carmichael on 9/2/14 11:35 AM

All across our country, mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine (MIH-CP) programs are showing hospitals and the wider healthcare system that EMS is an important partner in improving the health of patients and controlling the cost of care. Various programs like this have appeared across the United States, but a definitive resource that describes how to successfully implement such a program has not been available.

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