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What is a Flipped Classroom and Why Should You Care?

Posted by Public Safety Group on 2/28/18 4:20 PM



You have a new EMT course starting with limited classroom hours, busy students with no time or patience to sit around in a classroom, and an overwhelming amount of potentially life-saving information to teach.

Oh, and if you could make sure these students are prepared to sit for their national certification exam, that’d be great too.

Sound familiar?

Read on to learn how the flipped classroom model you’ve been hearing about may be the solution to ensuring students retain critical information in your courses. Plus, we’ll give you a sneak peek into a brand new EMT resource that will help you make the “flip!”

What is a Flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom is designed to help educators shift from the role of lecturer to the roles of guide and facilitator. It allows traditional instructor-centered classrooms to transform into student-centered learning environments, where instructors can provide individual mentoring to each student. 

This “flipped” model allows students to interact with primary source content outside of the classroom to develop foundational knowledge and dedicates valuable class time to:

  1. Resolving misconceptions through collaborative problem-solving activities
  2. Elevating knowledge into application-level tasks and skills practice
  3. Increasing student engagement and confidence

 Why is the Flipped Classroom Concept Important for Today’s Learners?

Put simply, students retain more information when they are actively engaged in the learning process. In fact, studies show that people remember only 10 to 20% of what they hear or read:


This is a huge missed opportunity! The flipped classroom model allows for hands-on learning during class time to ensure students retain critical information.

This sounds great. How do I get started?

Flipped Classroom.pngIn the coming months, we will be rolling out the all-new EMT Flipped Classroom. Think of it as your flipped classroom roadmap!

Based on concepts of active learning, student engagement, and hybrid course design, this unique offering will provide everything you need for a cooperative and successful learning experience.

The EMT Flipped Classroom delivers primary source content in a variety of engaging formats, including an Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Eleventh Edition eBook and Interactive and Virtual Mentor Lectures. The course also features student-directed courseware, including problem-solving activities, peer-to-peer activities, and student coaching, with competency checks throughout. 
Sample activities include:

  • Build It: Students use different objects and materials to build models relating to lesson topics.
  • Trauma Tango: Students memorize and practice performing the patient assessment steps by creating correlating dance moves.
  • Rap Songs: Students create rap songs based on medical terminology or medications that EMTs administer, and then present their songs to the class.
  • Many more!


The EMT Flipped Classroom may not be available just yet, but we have a sneak peek of some of the resources for you now. The Instructor’s Manual (for instructors) and Lesson Guide (for students) act as customized roadmaps for specific lessons.

Look through the Lesson Guide below or download both samples to review at your convenience.*

 *Please note, the Lesson Guide contains hand-picked selections to provide a glimpse into the offering. A comprehensive Guide will be available soon.


Free Download: Instructor's Manual  and Lesson Guide




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